Think Babies™ NC Healthy Beginnings Social Media Toolkit

Please use the following sample social media messages to be a big voice for babies on Twitter and Facebook! To download the sharegraphics, right click and select “save image.” Remember to always use the hashtag #ThinkBabiesNC to help amplify your messages.

Accommodations for Pregnant Employees
  • No one should have to choose between a healthy pregnancy and their job. Supporting pregnant women at work reduces infant mortality, improves maternal and infant health, and reduces doctor and hospital visits. #ThinkBabiesNC
  • 62% of pregnant and new moms are in the labor force. Adopting reasonable pregnancy accommodations in the workplace will enable women to continue working safely throughout their pregnancies. #ThinkBabiesNC
  • The infant and maternal mortality rates in NC are 2-3 X higher for Black babies. Pregnancy accommodations improves health outcomes for babies and their moms and is a powerful tool to help reduce inequities that begin even before birth. #ThinkBabiesNC
  • When children have good health in utero, they are more likely to have good physical health and on-track development during childhood and throughout life. #ThinkBabiesNC
  • Pregnancy accommodations increase workforce retention and are good for business! Replacing an employee rather than providing short-term accommodations can cost as much as 5x the employee’s salary. #ThinkBabiesNC



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Closing the Coverage Gap
  • NC is 1 of only 12 states that hasn’t taken advantage of federal $$ to expand access to health insurance. Expanding Medicaid would give families access to health care before they need more complex and expensive interventions later in life. #ThinkBabiesNC #CloseTheGapNC
  • Too many families in NC are facing a pandemic with no health insurance, especially as many parents have lost their jobs. It’s time to #CloseTheGapNC and provide all babies and their families with a healthy start in life. #ThinkBabiesNC
  • High-quality, affordable health care helps parents work and support their children. Closing the coverage gap would provide health insurance to over 100,000 parents in NC. #ThinkBabiesNC #CloseTheGapNC
  • More than 15% of parents of infants and toddlers in NC are uninsured. Expanding Medicaid would give parents access to the care they need to be healthy, which in turn improves children’s health and development. #ThinkBabiesNC #CloseTheGapNC
  • Improving women’s prenatal health leads to more healthy births and a greater decline in the infant mortality rate. NC has one of worst infant mortality rates in the county, and it’s 2-3X higher for babies of color. #ThinkBabiesNC #CloseTheGapNC
  • Children whose parents have healthcare are more likely to receive regular check-ups and preventive care. Consistent health coverage is critical for young children and sets them on a path of healthy physical, social, and emotional development. #ThinkBabiesNC #CloseTheGapNC



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