Think Babies™ NC Alliance

The Think Babies™ NC Alliance seeks to build public awareness and policymaker support for what North Carolina’s youngest children and their families need to thrive: healthy beginnings, supported families and quality early care and learning experiences. The Think Babies™ NC Alliance is led by a dynamic, cross-sector Leadership Team of public and private early childhood organizations at the local and state level.


North Carolina will foster health, high-quality education, and economic well-being by prioritizing the supports we provide to our youngest children, focusing especially on our infants, toddlers, and their families from communities of color who face the greatest systemic barriers to accessing opportunities.

Focusing efforts on policies, programs, and funding that support infants, toddlers, and their families is essential to create a North Carolina where all children will get a healthy start and develop to their full potential in safe and nurturing families, schools, and communities.

In doing so, we must embrace a targeted universal approach that lifts up the disproportionate impacts on communities of color and those with low-incomes while recognizing that the system is deeply interdependent and must be strengthened in order to best serve those furthest from opportunity.


Bring a prenatal-to-three focus to efforts supporting equitable changes in policies, programs, and funding through a coordinated, cross-sector network of leaders in the statewide early childhood community who represent a range of perspectives and experiences across North Carolina, with an intentional focus on communities of color and those furthest from opportunity.

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