2020 Outstanding Baby Advocate Awards

Presented to an individual, organization, business, and local or state policymaker who has increased public awareness or promoted programs and policies for babies and their families in North Carolina.

The Think Babies™ NC Alliance presented the 2020 Outstanding Baby Advocate Awards on February 24, 2020, at the Think Babies™ Think Tank and Celebration at the McKimmon Conference Center in Raleigh. The Awards recognized eight policymakers, statewide organizations, and community champions for their efforts to increase public awareness or promote programs and policies to make a difference for North Carolina’s youngest children, age 0-3, and their families.

Through innovative policies and new initiatives, advocacy and public engagement strategies, and hands-on work with families, the Award recipients went above and beyond to make sure all babies have what they need to thrive: healthy beginnings, supported families, and access to high-quality early education.

We are excited to announce the 2020 Outstanding Baby Advocate Award Winners!

2020 Outstanding Baby Advocate Award Winners

State and Local Policymakers:

Rep. Josh Dobson and Rep. MaryAnn Black
Brenda Howerton, Durham County Commissioner

State Organizations:

Child Care Services Association

Community Champions:

Cassandra Brooks
Crystal Kelly and the Watauga Children’s Council
The Partnership for Children of Johnston Council
The Randolph Partnership for Children

2020 Outstanding Baby Advocate Award Nominees:

Alliance for Children
Ashe Partnership for Children
Ashley Marlow
Dr. Frances Jones
Dr. Lanier DeGrella
East Coast Migrant Head Start
Elizabeth Winer
Ginger Young and Book Harvest
Greg Borom
Krycya Rojas and Thriving at Three
Michelle Kennedy
Norma Honeycutt and Partners in Learning
Rockingham Partnership for Children
Rosemarie Vardell
Smart Start of New Hanover County
The North Carolina Partnership for Children

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