2022 Election

Post-Election Resources

On November 8th, North Carolina voters elected candidates to important public offices at the national, state, and local level. The winners of these elections will make public policy that will directly impact the future development and well-being of North Carolina’s babies, young children, and families.

The election may be over, but that means our work as advocates is just beginning! Now is a great time to reach out to the winning candidates, build relationships, share resources, and let them know what you hope they will prioritize during their time in office. Use the links below to download a spreadsheet of the election results and contact information for winning candidates, a sample email that you can personalize and send to your new or returning elected officials, and to catch up on our post-election webinar if you missed it.

Click here to view the 2022 election results and contact information for winning candidates

Click here for a sample email to send to winning candidates

Click here for the post-election webinar: recording and slides

Click below to access our 2022 Electoral Advocacy Toolkit to learn more about critical early childhood issues and to find talking points and additional advocacy tools that you can still use now, even after the election.

Make Your Vote Count for Children

Candidate Questionnaires

On September 28th, the NC Early Education Coalition distributed an Early Childhood Candidate Questionnaire to all candidates running in the 2022 election for the NC General Assembly and to represent North Carolina in Congress. The following candidates responded to the questionnaire before the deadline of October 6th; their responses, exactly as submitted, can be viewed by clicking on the links below. All other candidates did not respond. Click here to download a list of all 2022 Candidates organized by district and county.

Candidates for U.S. Senate
U.S. Senate – Cheri Beasley (D)
U.S. Senate – Matthew Hoh (Green Party)

Candidates for U.S. House of Representatives
NC House District 01 – Don Davis (D)
NC House District 09 – Ben Clark (D)
NC House District 12 – Alma Adams (D)
NC House District 13 – Wiley Nickel (D)
NC House District 14 – Jeff Jackson (D)

Candidates for NC State Senate
State Senate District 5 – Kandie Smith (D)
State Senate District 10 – Gettys Cohen, Jr. (D)
State Senate District 13 – David Bankert (R)
State Senate District 15 – Jay Chaudhuri (D)
State Senate District 16 – James Powers (R)
State Senate District 20 – Alvin Reed (R)
State Senate District 23 – Graig Meyer (D)
State Senate District 27 – Michael Garrett (D)
State Senate District 32 – George Ware (R)
State Senate District 40 – Bobbie Shields (R)
State Senate District 40 – Joyce Waddell (D)
State Senate District 41 – Natasha Marcus (D)
State Senate District 42 – Rachel Hunt (D)
State Senate District 46 – Billy Martin (D)
State Senate District 50 – Karen Burnett McCracken (D)

Candidates for NC State House of Representatives
State House District 4 – Wesley Boykin (D)
State House District 6 – Kiara Johnson (D)
State House District 11 – Allison Dahle (D)
State House District 17 – Eric Terashima (D)
State House District 21 – Joshua Morris (Libertarian)
State House District 28 – Wendy Ella May (D)
State House District 36 – Julie von Haefen (D)
State House District 37 – Christine Kelly (D)
State House District 41 – Maria Cervania (D)
State House District 42 – Marvin Lucas (D)
State House District 49 – Cynthia Ball (D)
State House District 50 – Renee Price (D)
State House District 51 – Malcolm Hall (D)
State House District 57 – Ashton Clemmons (D)
State House District 66 – Sarah Crawford (D)
State House District 70 – Susie Scott (D)
State House District 71 – Kanika Brown (D)
State House District 72 – Amber Baker (D)
State House District 73 – Brian Echevarria (R)
State House District 74 – Carla Catalan Day (D)
State House District 93 – Ben Massey (D)
State House District 95 – Amanda Kotis (D)
State House District 98 – Christy Clark (D)
State House District 100 – John Autry (D)
State House District 115 – Lindsey Prather (D)